Living an INFJ life full of possibility.

Who am I?

How did you feel when you first learned you were an INFJ?

Hi, I'm Leslie and I'm an INFJ, too. When I first read the profile for the INFJ personality type, I’m pretty sure my jaw dropped. There it was, all laid out on the screen in front of me. I not only saw the things I show the world, but also the things I’d never tell anyone. The comfort I felt in knowing there were others like me was incredible.

You felt it when you read the profile, too, didn't you? Or, maybe you actually felt sad because you didn't want to be an INFJ.

As much comfort as I got from reading the INFJ profile, I didn’t immediately achieve radical self-acceptance. It was, though, the start of my journey. And now, I want to empower to you move past those things you’re struggling with and that keep you stuck. I want to help you see possibility and to uncover your incredible INFJ potential. Are you ready?

Some things about me...

  1. I love salted dark chocolate, specifically from Theo’s in Seattle. Sooo good.
  2. I’m generally very much into healthy eating, but my (recently discovered) guilty pleasure is Coconut Bliss dairy-free ice cream!
  3. I drink tea, not coffee. I don’t really have the patience to develop a taste for something. I’ve had probably 3 sips of coffee in my lifetime and each confirmed its disgusting taste.
  4. For someone who doesn’t drink coffee, I know a LOT about coffee because my husband is obsessed and roasts his own beans. He might be what you'd call a coffee snob.
  5. I drive a red, retro-styled Stella scooter with a red-polka-dot helmet.
  6. I’m a sucker for products in well-designed packaging, whether or not the product is superior to products in ugly packaging.
  7. I’ve lived in 5 states (Illinois, Tennessee, Montana, Washington, California) and I have 3 favorites. I also have trouble choosing one thing over another.
  8. My middle-school self wanted to be a teacher and a photographer—both of which I did!
  9. I'm learning to play the guitar! It really pushes me out of my perfectionistic tendencies.

Are you an INFJ woman?

If so, I'd love to hear from you! You can also connect with me here.

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