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I frequently get variations of this response from readers of The INFJ Life. I put my heart and soul into creating this one-of-a-kind email. It’s written by an INFJ woman (hi!) for INFJ women, and comments like these inspire me to keep writing. While some of the articles from The INFJ Life also end up on my blog, there are several subscriber-only articles that never show up anywhere else.

Loving your newsletter! You provide such rich, meaningful content. I really look forward to reading your emails and have happily shared your information with other INFJ friends
— Christine C. (subscriber)
When I read this article it was like every word was just for me! Your emails challenge me to dig a little deeper and be a little kinder with myself.
— Anna A. (subscriber)

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In The INFJ Life, I combine my knowledge of your INFJ personality type, cognitive functions, and other personality-related items with my knowledge and experience as a coach for INFJ women.

I want to help you better understand and accept yourself, but I also want you to be empowered to DO something with that knowledge. So The INFJ Life is not an email for those who just want to soak up more and more information about themselves. It’s for INFJ women who are ready to take a look at their lives, ask themselves the hard questions, and take control of the changes they want to make. The INFJ Life will help you do all this while also gently reminding you to be kind to yourself.

I believe in sharing the best resources that’ll help you move forward and get closer to your potential. For this reason, I’ll also share offers of products and services in The INFJ Life from time to time. I only share what I truly believe will add to your life as an INFJ woman. This may include announcements for new courses, coaching services, or other things that I believe will serve you in understanding yourself and moving forward.

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