One-Time Assessments & Debriefs


While my 1:1 coaching services are built with long-term sustainable change and action in mind, I also offer two assessments that offer a foundational understanding of yourself and how you’re currently showing up in your life. These assessments give us an opportunity to work together with a lower investment.


The MBTI® +
Beyond Package

The MBTI® + Beyond Package helps you unlock the nuances of your personality type. Even if you have four letters from a free online quiz (which may or may not be reliable), we spend 1.5 hours together verifying, analyzing, and debriefing your extensive results from the official MBTI® Step II assessment. You’ll understand how you are uniquely wired—even from others with the same 4-letter type.

This experience helps you accept yourself as you are and it provides specific action steps to take based on the unique variations of your personality type.


The Energy Leadership Index (ELI) Assessment

The Energy Leadership Index (ELI) Assessment paints a clear picture of how you’re currently showing up in your life. This includes when things are going normally for you and also when you’re under stress. This eye-opening experience shows you how to take more conscious control of how you’re present in your thoughts, actions, and relationships.

The framework you’ll learn will teach you how to increase your potential so that you can have a greater impact in your everyday life and with your vision.