one-on-one coaching

An investment in yourself and your dream.


It’s an enthusiastic, “Yes, I’m worth it! My vision is worth it!”

Our work together illuminates your path one step at a time. I inspire and encourage you along the way. I also incorporate gentle challenges and accountability related to the things you say you want to do.

I listen without judgment, preconceived ideas, or canned advice. You can get that anywhere on the internet! As a former client shared, “Leslie guides you with very open questions that only you can answer.” This is the heart of coaching.

I’ll move you from where you are right now—stuck, overwhelmed, unsure of the direction to take, or not taking action—to where you want to be.


I do this by asking empowering questions, listening and reflecting, and making insightful and intuitive connections that appear as a result of our coach + client combination.

Working with a coach can also move you farther faster than braving the journey alone.

Together we’ll work virtually to create an action plan for your vision.

We’ll address your inner critic, your assumptions, and your limiting beliefs that keep you from taking action. Knowledge of how your INFJ personality type impacts you will be woven throughout our coaching journey. We’ll zero in on self-compassion and kindness, too, since I already know you’re too hard on yourself!


With your commitment to 1:1 coaching comes my full commitment to you and your goals. My coaching services include more than just our 1:1 sessions. When you invest in yourself through coaching, you’re investing in a coaching relationship. In addition to your sessions, your investment is returned to you throughout our work together with unlimited between-session contact, client-only resources, personalized support, and insights that are unique to you.

Taking on a limited number of coaching clients allows me to offer you this highly-personalized support. I’m invested in your long-term change so I’ve built in a follow-up session a few months after our coaching ends to check on the final goals you set.


The 1:1 coaching services are structured so that sustainable change and forward movement is the focus.

While there are a few key pieces to the framework, I use with all of my coaching clients, this journey of transformation looks different for each person. Even though all of my clients are of the INFJ personality type, they’re all unique—just like you. This means I tailor our sessions to meet your specific needs, to address your particular roadblocks, and to enhance your creative working and learning styles.

You’ll be empowered to show up in your life in a new way that works with your natural strengths. I’ll support you with every single step as you take action on your vision to have a lasting impact on the world.


Throughout our work together, you can look forward to:

  • gaining a greater understanding of your INFJ personality.

  • increasing your self-compassion.

  • becoming more self-aware.

  • gaining clarity where things feel confusing or fuzzy.

  • learning how your inner critic shows up in your life and how to respond.

  • learning how your INFJ personality impacts your decisions, relationships, and work.

  • recognizing where you get stuck and what to do about it.

  • creating plans with strategies to move you forward toward your vision.

Making this investment in yourself and your vision is not a decision to make lightly. This is why every coaching relationship begins with a Discovery Call. This free, exploratory call helps me understand more about you and your vision and helps us both identify if we’re a good match to work together. It’s a chance for us to see if working together is the best next step for you and your vision. If we discover that we’re a great match, we’ll identify the coaching services that will be best for you and your goals and we’ll begin your transformation journey together.

The investment in yourself for the 1:1 coaching experience starts at $1800 USD.

Ready to take the first step? Let’s chat to see if this is the right next step for you.