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Diane F.

Coaching with Leslie definitely helped me change my mindset. I have gained confidence and learned technique to conquer my gremlins. I have set goals to start my own company, which would really be my passion in life and work. Coaching also helped me to get out of the "infinite loop" I sometimes have going on in my head and focus on my priorities. It was great working with someone who cared about my success.

- Diane F.

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VCCLeslie McDaniel
Dora Cz.

"Now I feel confident, strong, I hold my vision firmly and I know I will succeed. My energy level has shifted, and I am happy. I can handle the everyday stress much more easily."

- Dora Cz.

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Terri F.

Leslie will never put words into your mouth. She listens attentively, analytically, and without judgment. Then, she guides you with VERY open questions that only you can answer, which lead you to discover how YOU really feel--not how Leslie feels or how others feel, how YOU really feel deep down inside. So I liked it best that even though Leslie facilitated it, the work was my own work. I know it will be more long-lasting this way. Sometimes finding the answers within myself was hard and hurt, but Leslie was always ready to rephrase something or encourage so that the personal knowledge could come forward.

- Terri F.

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