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Jieun K.

It was truly helpful to work with someone who understood INFJs—it removed the block of trying to explain so much about oneself. I think the very act of embarking on a journey like this was a declaration to myself, that I am worth the investment. Since working with Leslie, I have increased my self-awareness (e.g. realizing how my perfectionism is impacting my life) and self-acceptance, and I've found a way to move past decades-long journaling block.

- Jieun K.

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Terri F.

Leslie will never put words into your mouth. She listens attentively, analytically, and without judgment. Then, she guides you with VERY open questions that only you can answer, which lead you to discover how YOU really feel--not how Leslie feels or how others feel, how YOU really feel deep down inside. So I liked it best that even though Leslie facilitated it, the work was my own work. I know it will be more long-lasting this way. Sometimes finding the answers within myself was hard and hurt, but Leslie was always ready to rephrase something or encourage so that the personal knowledge could come forward.

- Terri F.

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Alice H.

My Energy Leadership Index debrief with Leslie helped me gain awareness of how I was reacting and responding to different situations in my life, from relationships to career. Her ability to clearly explain how each energy level was showing up in my life felt like she deeply understood me. Based on these insights, I was able to focus in on areas of my life that I wanted to shift my energetic response and come up with some strategies for doing so. For anyone who wants to make positive changes and experience more joy and fulfillment in life, I recommend taking the ELI assessment and working with Leslie!

- Alice H.

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Stephanie S.

The ELI debrief with Leslie was an eye-opening and empowering experience. Leslie was able to help me gain valuable insights into how stress effects me in both my personal and professional life. With these new-found discoveries from working with Leslie I now feel empowered to take the necessary steps to reduce stress in my life so I can lead a more personally fulling and successful life.

- Stephanie S.

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