Kate C.

Leslie is unbelievably compassionate and a great listener, but she also pushes you to go deeper and do the work needed. I learned to embrace who I am and better understand how being an INFJ can be a strength if I allow it.

- Kate C.

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Leslie McDanielComment
Diane F.

Coaching with Leslie definitely helped me change my mindset. I have gained confidence and learned technique to conquer my gremlins. I have set goals to start my own company, which would really be my passion in life and work. Coaching also helped me to get out of the "infinite loop" I sometimes have going on in my head and focus on my priorities. It was great working with someone who cared about my success.

- Diane F.

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VCCLeslie McDaniel
Dora Cz.

"Now I feel confident, strong, I hold my vision firmly and I know I will succeed. My energy level has shifted, and I am happy. I can handle the everyday stress much more easily."

- Dora Cz.

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Maile M.

Working with Leslie provided such clarity! Now when I start to worry about which task to do next, I just ask myself if it’s moving me toward creating my best work for the dream agent. I’ve never felt so clear in my purpose.

- Maile M.

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AboutLeslie McDaniel
Jieun K.

It was truly helpful to work with someone who understood INFJs—it removed the block of trying to explain so much about oneself. I think the very act of embarking on a journey like this was a declaration to myself, that I am worth the investment. Since working with Leslie, I have increased my self-awareness (e.g. realizing how my perfectionism is impacting my life) and self-acceptance, and I've found a way to move past decades-long journaling block.

- Jieun K.

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About, ELILeslie McDaniel
Janice L.

Leslie is such a warm and caring spirit. She really understands the nuances of my INFJ personality, so I never feel pressured or judged during our sessions. Our calls are comfortable, as if I am talking to a really insightful friend who gently nudges me in the right direction. I would highly recommend coaching with Leslie if you are struggling to embrace your I, N, F, or J!

- Janice L.

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Leslie McDaniel
Jennifer Trask

Working with Leslie was a joy. She always showed up to our meetings prepared, with great questions and enthusiasm to move her business forward. Leslie is articulate, thoughtful and kind. Her professionalism shines through in her continued curiosity to learn and grow in her work while giving her clients 100% of her best. If you’re thinking of working with Leslie, go for it! You’ll be so happy you did!

- Jennifer Trask, Coach for Driven Entrepreneurs

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Leslie McDaniel
Beth McCord

Leslie is passionate in helping others to truly know themselves and live their best and most authentic life. She uses her training with MBTI and knowledge of the Enneagram to bring powerful insights to others. These insights bring radical transformation and freedom to those willing to do their own internal work. Leslie is the right person to guide you through this deep work.

- Beth McCord, Enneagram Speaker, Coach, + Teacher

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Leslie McDaniel
Marko Kircanski

Leslie is your go-to person when you need an INFJ coach who is not only a genuine professional, but also an amazing listener, and an incredibly empathic individual! Using the amazing skills she has at her disposal as an INFJ, you can be certain that you got yourself a coach who will not only help you on your journey, but also guide you to find what you are truly looking for!"

- Marko Kircanski, Founder of Dauntless Inspiration, Certified Coach, Community Manager

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Leslie McDaniel
Terri F.

Leslie will never put words into your mouth. She listens attentively, analytically, and without judgment. Then, she guides you with VERY open questions that only you can answer, which lead you to discover how YOU really feel--not how Leslie feels or how others feel, how YOU really feel deep down inside. So I liked it best that even though Leslie facilitated it, the work was my own work. I know it will be more long-lasting this way. Sometimes finding the answers within myself was hard and hurt, but Leslie was always ready to rephrase something or encourage so that the personal knowledge could come forward.

- Terri F.

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Sarah Santecroce

After having Leslie on my Introvert Biz Growth podcast we have kept in touch and have become some kind of brainstorming buddies. As an INFJ woman myself I really appreciate Leslie's insights and her feedback is invaluable. She's honest but the delivery is gentle and full of empathy. She always makes sure she won't hurt my feelings. I read her Wednesday newsletters every week and always feel like she's living in my head. I'm so grateful for this INFJ friendship. Thank you Leslie!

- Sarah Santecroce, LinkedIn Consultant + Strategist

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Leslie McDaniel
Gabriela M.

Leslie coached me through some doubts I had regarding a big life and career transition. She was easy to open up to, listened intuitively and knew the right questions to ask to help me gain clarity and insights into the blocks that were holding me back. After working with Leslie, I felt more empowered to live authentically and move forward with my plans. I’d definitely recommend working with Leslie, she is a compassionate and skilled coach!

- Gabriela M.

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Alice H.

My Energy Leadership Index debrief with Leslie helped me gain awareness of how I was reacting and responding to different situations in my life, from relationships to career. Her ability to clearly explain how each energy level was showing up in my life felt like she deeply understood me. Based on these insights, I was able to focus in on areas of my life that I wanted to shift my energetic response and come up with some strategies for doing so. For anyone who wants to make positive changes and experience more joy and fulfillment in life, I recommend taking the ELI assessment and working with Leslie!

- Alice H.

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Stephanie S.

The ELI debrief with Leslie was an eye-opening and empowering experience. Leslie was able to help me gain valuable insights into how stress effects me in both my personal and professional life. With these new-found discoveries from working with Leslie I now feel empowered to take the necessary steps to reduce stress in my life so I can lead a more personally fulling and successful life.

- Stephanie S.

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Liane H.

In working with Leslie, I was able to address some negative emotions and challenges in my life. She asked some very thought-provoking questions that helped me understand why I feel certain ways and how to deal with it. Leslie helped me to realize that self-care is super important and that I am in control of how I feel, and because of this I already feel empowered to work towards a better future in a way that makes me happy!

- Liane H.

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