I love connecting with bloggers and podcasters doing inspiring work that supports personal and professional development. I've had the opportunity to be featured on the following blogs and podcasts.


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The Femails Podcast - Career Contessa

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Clarity on Fire Podcast


The Creative Introvert Podcast


Jennifer Trask International

Start Fierce Business Podcast



Topics I love:

  • Realizing your vision by getting "unstuck"

  • Creating a foundation of confidence and self-worth

  • Increasing productivity according to your personality

  • Advocating for yourself at work

  • Self-care for introverts

  • The truth about the MBTI® system

  • Benefits + limits of personality typing in work, relationships, + personal development

  • Career Transitions—how to know when it's time to move on + how to find the right one

  • Entrepreneurship/Solopreneurship, especially as an introvert + Highly Sensitive Person

  • Finding your purpose

  • All things INFJ!

Leslie's Bio

Leslie is a certified professional coach who helps INFJ women bring their vision to life. She believes that few things are more powerful than someone at ease with her strengths, gifts, and quirks as she confidently lives out her purpose. With a unique combination of creative skills and experience, Leslie brings a multi-perspective approach to helping others with the accountability and support they need to move forward. Her knowledge as an MBTI®-certified practitioner helps INFJ women understand their personality, celebrate their strengths, and claim their potential. Leslie serves other INFJ women through individual coaching and her weekly email, The INFJ Life.