Energy Leadership Index (ELI)

Have you ever wished you could be more in control of the way you respond to people who trigger you? Or situations that trigger you? Are you tired of responding to those situations in the same way, knowing you’re not having the kind of impact you want to have? Would you like to know how to be less impacted by the energy of those around you? The Energy Leadership Index can increase your awareness so you can take control of these situations.

Your perception of the world (and your reality) is based on the filters you’ve developed over time. These filters are based on your experiences, values, assumptions, etc. and are responsible for the way you think about your life. These thoughts determine your emotions and the actions you take (or don’t take) in life. In short, the filters you have can limit your opportunities, experiences, and success. On the other side, you can develop filters that increase your awareness so that you see more opportunities, enjoy your life experiences more, and help you succeed in the ways that are most important to you.

The Energy Leadership Index (ELI) assessment reveals the filters you’ve developed and how those filters may be holding you back from creating change in your life. It increases your awareness by revealing how you typically respond when things are going well for you compared to how you respond when you’re triggered or under stress.

Your ELI scores will show:

  • Your current leadership potential

  • What needs to happen so you’re no longer impacted by the energy of those around you

  • How to be more satisfied in all areas of your life

  • How to be more engaged in your life

  • How to better lead yourself (and others) to realize your big vision for the future

What's included:

  • The Energy Leadership Index assessment

  • A personalized Energy Leadership Report

  • A 1-hour and 30-minute debrief session to go over your results and what they mean

  • Action steps to help you apply the information you learn to your life.

Financial Investment: $247

How do I sign up?

If you're ready to sign up, click here to purchase the ELI package. Once you purchase the package, you'll receive a personalized link from me to take your assessment. After you complete the assessment, you'll schedule your debrief session with me to go over your results and decide how you'd like to use what you learn in your life.

How does the ELI impact people?