Courses for INFJs

The following is a list of courses and kits that I personally recommend for your growth as an INFJ.

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Is your vision for the future fuzzy and out of focus? If so, join my FREE Vision Clarity Course for INFJ women. In this course, you’ll gain a clearer picture of the unique way you can have an impact on the world. Learn more and sign up at the link below:

Personality Hacker has a ton of resources for all MBTI® personality types. Their Starter Kit for the INFJ type, which they call Perspectives/Harmony, is a bundle of resources to help you understand your type, how to get the most out of it, and how to advocate for yourself with others.


Susan Storm, of Psychology Junkie, offers courses for parents. These courses are full of value, including how to identify the MBTI® personality type of your child/children, how to best support your child/children according to their type, and how to meet your needs as a parent.

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Beth McCord, of Your Enneagram Coach, offers courses and coaching related to the Enneagram personality system. While these courses aren’t INFJ-specific, and aren’t related to MBTI®, they offer a great compliment to your personal growth. Beth’s courses offer a Christian perspective of transformation using the Enneagram.