Your vision isn't the whole answer

Reality of your vision.jpg

When was the last time you accomplished a major goal that you had worked toward for an extended period of time? Think about it for a minute. It's ok if it was awhile ago.

Do you have your accomplishment in mind?

In the beginning, how did you think you would feel when you met your goal? What did you think it would fulfill for you?

How did you actually feel after you met your goal? What was the reality like? Was the reality the same as what you expected? Was it better? Was it not as good?

Sometimes meeting our goals can turn out better than we had expected. For those of us who are idealistic INFJs, the long-term reality of meeting our goal may not be as good as we had imagined in our minds. Even if there's an initial rush or excitement that comes with our accomplishment, those feelings of satisfaction and fulfillment may quickly fade. Many times meeting our goals doesn't bring us everything we had hoped for when we set them.

Will the same thing happen when you finally realize a big-picture vision for your life?

Will discovering and realizing a vision for your life bring the feelings you hope for? Will it bring you happiness, fulfillment, peace, or contentment? What if it doesn't? There doesn’t have to be a huge gap between your current reality and your future reality. The good news is that you don’t have to wait for your vision to have the feelings for which you hope.

In the first part of the Vision Clarity Course, I ask you to consider how you'll feel when your vision is a reality. If you didn't take this free course, take a minute to think about a vision you have for your future (or a smaller goal if you're unsure of your overall vision). Consider how it'll make you feel to have that vision or goal accomplished. 

If publishing a book is your vision, how do you anticipate feeling when this happens? What do you think it'll do for your life?

If making a living by selling your artwork is your vision, how do you think this will feel when it's your reality?

If starting your own business is what you want to do, what will this fulfill for you?

In the second part of the Vision Clarity Course, I ask you to consider what makes you feel the way you want to feel now? Then I ask you to consider how you can bring more of that into your life today.

As idealists, it's easy to hope that our vision will make everything in life turn out right. That's a lot of pressure! Why put the pressure and responsibility on a future vision to make us feel ___ (fill in the blank with your feelings from above)? What if your vision is something so big that it may not be accomplished in your lifetime? That was true for the vision of Katharine Cook Briggs and Isabel Briggs Myers who gave life to the MBTI® assessment.

The thing is, your vision isn't the whole answer.

Of course having a vision will give you direction and may help you feel like you're leading a more meaningful life. Seeing a vision take shape and become a reality is exciting and inspiring. But what you do today matters, too!

Embracing who you were created to be and engaging your unique talents and abilities is a large part of the fulfillment equation. If you don't recognize your value and strengths now, you probably won't when your vision is a reality either. If you don't celebrate your successes now, you will probably struggle to celebrate your vision when it becomes a reality.

Doing things every day or week that help you feel the way you want to feel in the future is another piece of the puzzle. If you never feel satisfied or content now, your vision will probably not magically bring these feelings either. If you feel that publishing a novel, selling your artwork, or starting a business will make you feel successful, what things can you do now that also make you feel fulfilled?

I'm convinced that this shift in perspective helps us feel the way we want to feel. That motivates us to keep going toward our long-range goal. Consider exploring these steps to embrace where you are in the now, even as you walk toward what you’re hoping for:

→ Create an inspiring vision for your future. Get excited about the possibilities!

→ Also acknowledge your worth and value today, even without the fulfillment of your vision.

→ Recognize and celebrate your unique gifts. (that's part of the Vision Clarity Course, too!)

When it comes to your vision, what areas can you start affirming your impact NOW?