Why INFJs lose focus on their goals

INFJ Lose Focus Goals

Do you plan goals, intentions, or resolutions in January each year? Do you have a sense of renewal and of a fresh, new page on January 1? If so, how long does that feeling last?

Many people start to lose steam on their exciting and inspiring plans for the new year as early as February. INFJs aren’t immune to this downturn. There are, though, a few specific reasons why you, with the INFJ personality type, might lose focus on a goal or plan. Curious to know why? Let’s take a look...

Why INFJs lose focus on their goals

These reasons are in no specific order, and they can overlap at times too. If you find yourself feeling stuckoverwhelmed, or losing interest in something you’ve set out to do, take a look at this list and see if the culprit might be hidden here.

1. You plan to accomplish too many things in a given time period.

INFJs have high expectations for themselves. They’re also one of the idealist personality types which creates high standards for the way things could be. For these reasons, INFJs tend to plan too many things to do in a certain time period. If you’re regularly ending your day in frustration because you didn’t get through your to-do list, this could be your struggle. You may think you should  be able to get through a gigantic list each day. If you want to stay focused on your big goal, and not lose motivation, plan for no more than three most important tasks per day.

2. You don’t review and celebrate what you’ve already accomplished.

Why would we choose to look backwards when we can look forward at what’s still left to be done? Because looking backward reminds you that you have actually progressed. Acknowledge the work you’ve already done. Take time to celebrate all the to-dos that are now to-dones. They matter! If you feel resistance, consider this. If what you’ve already done never matters, is not good enough, or isn’t worth celebrating, then why did you do it to begin with? It must have had value. Recognizing the value of what you’ve already done doesn’t excuse you from what’s still left to be done. There’s a time for both! Review, celebrate, then re-focus on the remaining tasks.

3. You lose track of your why.

INFJs are big-picture thinkers. Your “why” is your big picture for your goal. Why did your goal matter in the first place? What are you working toward? What was the meaning of what you’re trying to accomplish? When you lose sight of these things, your eyes will be squarely focused on the weeds in front of you—also known as the intermediate tasks. Continually remind yourself to lift your eyes to take in the “why” of what you’re doing what you’re doing. Always connect the smaller tasks to this bigger picture. Get creative on ways to remind yourself of it. Maybe you want to create a literal picture. Keep focusing on this image to stay focused on your goal.

4. You don’t see the long-term impact of your goal.

This one is related to both #2 and #3. INFJs tend to have a lot of focus and determination when it comes to long-term goals that we see as important. When we don’t see the impact of a goal on the long-term future, we lose focus and interest. As an INFJ, you need to feel as if your goal fits into something bigger than yourself. That’s where your why comes in. Take time to distill your big why into smaller parts of what you believe the impact of your goal will be. And secondly, if you don’t review and celebrate what’s already accomplished, you’ll ignore the impact you’ve already had. One way to remind yourself is to keep a physical or digital file of any results you’ve had or any good words you’ve received from others.


If you feel yourself losing focus, do a quick self-check to see how you’re doing on these four things. How will you use them to make sure you stay focused on your goal? What else do you think helps you as an INFJ to stay focused on your goals? Comment below to share your thoughts.

Want support and accountability to stay focused?

One thing that certainly helps us to stay focused as INFJs is support from others. Getting your ideas and struggles out of your head to process with another person can help you look at them critically to gain new insights. Find someone to help you stay accountable and to support you when you start getting lost in the weeds. Need a person to help you with these things? I help INFJ women to stay focused on the heart of what really matters and to gain new insights into how to move forward. Interested? I’d love to chat with you about the possibility of coaching. To learn more, or to schedule a free call, click here »