The space between your current life + your vision

Space between you + vision.jpg

Do you have a dream inside you that you're hesitant to admit out loud? Or maybe you're already pursuing your vision, but there's something else starting to bubble to the surface—and the thought of pivoting now feels overwhelming.

I recently had two of my INFJ coaching clients declare aspects of their visions during coaching sessions that they've never admitted out loud before. It often surprises the client when this happens. Sometimes these declarations spill easily from their lips, but other times their words are preceded by hesitation. They may say, "I can't believe I'm going to say this." When they trust me with their innermost thoughts, I remind them of their bravery, strength, and courage.

This verbal admission of what you really want to do is a huge first step. The reason for this has to do with the way an INFJ's mind is wired. Your insights, dreams, and visions for the future come from your dominant mental function—your Introverted Intuition (Ni). This is the most precious part of our minds, and it may feel vulnerable to bring our intuitive visions into the light. Giving them life, outside your mind, is an act of bravery.

Once an INFJ bravely acknowledges their vision for the future, it can be difficult to deter them from what they think is best. If our mind is set on something, we can have a dogged determination. Am I right?

That means this space between your current reality and your vision may be seen as a frustrating roadblock on the path to what really matters. This "space" could look like your current job, living situation, finances, or level of experience or education. So what can you do after you make a bold declaration of your vision?

How do you deal with the space between your current life and your vision?

1. Connect your vision to your why

Knowing why you want the future you desire will embolden you while you're in this space. There may be times when you feel frustrated that you can't drop everything right now to focus solely on your dream. You may wish things were different or moving faster. In these times, reconnect to why your dream matters in the first place. 

2. Find ways to participate in your vision now

Making your vision happen is a journey. It's not a destination where you magically step into a new reality in which everything is different. Oh, our idealistic tendencies may hope for this, but our visions rarely happen with this speed. This is why it's important to find ways to participate in some aspect of your vision now. This may mean finding a similar interest group to join, finding volunteer opportunities related to your vision, or writing a blog. Who else is doing something related to what you want to do? What can you learn from them?

3. Create a pivot plan

Most INFJs get excited about creating plans for their futures, whether short or long-term. That comes from the "J" in our INFJ. Use this space between your current reality and the future you want to figure out how you want to approach your vision journey. What steps need to happen? What timeframe do you want your plan to cover? If you currently have a job in marketing and you want to become a full-time artist, for example, your first plan might include a description of the steps and timeframe needed to quit your job. Not every vision includes quitting your day job immediately, though. See #2.

4. What can you be grateful for now?

Take time to express gratitude for your current reality. Even if you have a job you can't stand, gratitude can provide more positive mental energy that will serve you no matter where you are on your vision journey. We all have days when we want to throw our hands up and say, "Forget it!" In those times, shifting your catabolic thoughts to more anabolic thoughts will open up more possibility and potential for you now and in the future.

5. Acknowledge + celebrate any steps you've already taken

Regularly spend time acknowledging and celebrating the steps you've already taken—even the fact that you proclaimed your vision out loud! Please don't skip acknowledging and celebrating. I beg you. It really is important for INFJs. We typically want to skip this because once we've finished something, we're ready to move on to the next thing. We feel like there's always more to do. This regular acknowledging and celebrating won't happen unless you choose to make it happen. I'm often tempted to skip it, too. But remembering what you've done will encourage you to keep going when things aren't yet how you want them to be.

Are you in the space between your current reality and your vision? Which of these do you find most helpful? Which ones do you struggle with? If you'd like to share, you can hit reply. I'd love to hear your thoughts.

Using the ideas above will give you direction and encouragement on the path to your vision. This space can be a time of possibility and potential, or a time filled with frustration and no forward movement. How will you use the space between your current reality and your vision?