Parenting as an INFJ + parenting by personality type


Susan Storm from joined me for a live chat to talk about parenting as an INFJ and parenting kids by their personality type. In this hour-long chat, we covered:

  • Why it’s so important to identify your child’s personality type

  • The age at which you can start to identify their type

  • Which personality preferences you can identify first

  • The preference that can be the hardest to identify

  • Strengths that INFJs have as a parent

  • Struggles INFJs might face as a parent

  • Practical ways to engage your extraverted kids in “introverted” activities

  • Questions from INFJ parents about how to find that important time for yourself without feeling guilty

  • The difference in her Parenting By Personality Basics and Parenting By Personality Master Class and who might be interested in each

If you find yourself wanting more after watching this talk, I highly recommend purchasing Susan’s parenting courses. I’m not a parent and I still found them very informative.

Check out the Parenting By Personality Basics or Master Class here.