INFJ creativity + intuition

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INFJs have a tendency toward sprinting toward their goals and visions instead of choosing a marathoner's pace. When our intuition provides an insight, we may hold a stubborn grip on our seemingly brilliant vision. (More on that later.) While we may initially be held back from our vision, we may feel compelled to spring toward the finish line because there is a magnetic pull toward this new future reality.

The INFJ version of sprinting

I'm not a runner—unless someone or something is chasing me—but those who sprint will run at full speed for a short distance. Sometimes sprinting is helpful, but it depletes you quickly. When I've sprinted away from an angry dog, for example, I'm left bent over and panting with my hands on my knees. 

With our high expectations as INFJs, and the perfectionism so many of us struggle with, we may attempt sprint after sprint after sprint without taking a break. This may look like reaching a goal and immediately pushing toward the next goal. If your plate is so full that you have no room for your veggies (time for rest and reflection in this case), you're sprinting. If your eyes can only focus on the future and what's still left to be done, and everything else is a blur, you're sprinting.

We're not all the same as INFJs, so some of us will struggle with sprinting without resting more than others. Factors such as your age and Enneagram type impact your drive and motivation to push yourself. Coaching INFJ women continually reminds me that most of us struggle with some form of sprinting and self care.

No matter what our motivation is to continually push ourselves forward, we seem to forget that this full-speed pace takes a toll on our creativity and intuition.

What impact does sprinting have on our intuition + creativity?

Earlier I shared that when intuition provides an insight, we may hold a stubborn grip on our vision. When we receive an insight, it's obvious to us that this is the right (and only) answer. We're convinced. This belief in our "rightness" is part of what propels us forward. Often, we are right—but. not. always! We may be right in a general sense, but we may lack the specifics. If we do hold a stubborn grip on the original version of our vision, we risk cutting ourselves off from new information or addendums to our big-picture vision. There may be multiple hiking trail routes to the mountain peak. The same is true for your vision journey.

Taking time to rest while moving toward your goals allows you to reflect and recalibrate if necessary. New insights from your Introverted Intuition are brought to the surface through times of quiet stillness. As your mind takes in new information and feedback from the actions you take, it has more data to incorporate into the big picture.

Sprinting also impacts your creativity. Being creative means having unique or original ideas or looking at things from a different viewpoint. Your ability to be creative is diminished if everything's a blur or you're dehydrated and gasping for air from sprinting. By honoring your intuition and limited energy reserves, you're also increasing your capacity for creativity.

Are you a sprinter? Since INFJ sprinting can take various forms, take a few minutes to consider if you're sprinting toward your goal or vision. Then answer the following questions:

1. What's the underlying motivation for the way you're approaching your goal or vision?

2. What would be the benefit of taking a more sustainable, marathon-like approach? In other words, how could this approach benefit you, your vision, and others?

3. What would an alternate approach look like in your life? Get specific. Choose one change you'd like to make right now.