7 Contradictions of INFJs

Depending on the situation, INFJs can have a lot of contradictions as part of their personality. Here's a list of seven! Comment below and let me know which contradictions you've seen in YOUR life.

  1. We can simultaneously love people, but then not really be able to stand people at times, or want to be around them.

  2. We hate small talk but love talking in depth about topics of real substance and meaning or things we’re passionate about.

  3. We’re super private and don’t like answering questions about ourselves, but then we’ll offer up information about ourselves on our own initiative.

  4. We can be loving, open, and kind, but we can also be extremely cold and shut off.

  5. We can completely understand the emotions of others, but then not understand our own.

  6. We can know we love music or books, but then walk into a music or bookstore and suddenly not have any idea of what kind of music we like or what kind of book we want to read.

  7. We easily see the big picture, but we can also manage the details needed to get something done.

Ok, so there you have it—7 contradictions of our unique personality. What else would you include? Comment below! I’d love to hear your thoughts on contradictions you’ve experienced in your life.