How to have a good INFJ day

How To Have a Great INFJ Day

Do you want to have a great day today? How about tomorrow? Yeah? Me, too. Ok, so here's how to have a great day in four steps:

1. Name something you're grateful for.

Reminding yourself what you're grateful for shifts your mindset. This reminder helps you say thank you for the things you have in your life—big or small. This one little step can help you smile.

2. Think of something that would make today a good day.

We only have control over ourselves, so be sure to pick something you have control over. It can be an attitude, an accomplishment, an activity, etc.

3. Remind yourself of something you've already accomplished or achieved.

INFJs don't bask in accomplishment for very long. Bring to mind a goal you've recently met, or a fear you overcame. What emotion does that accomplishment bring up? Sit with that emotion for a minute.

4. Think of one problem or struggle you have.

Now, before you start asking why I'm being negative here, hold on a sec. Wait for the second part. :) What would happen if you looked at that problem as an opportunity? How could that shift make you feel about the situation? We always, always, always have a choice, no matter what the situation is. What's one part of that problem or struggle that you have control over?

You're worthy of having a good day! You alone are in control of how you respond to what comes your way today. Don't let today happen TO you. YOU are going to happen to today.