How did I get here?

Leslie McDaniel

My History + Background

The path to becoming a coach for INFJ women was not a straight one. Each time I camped out along the way in various careers, I experienced degrees of happiness and fulfillment. Each of these pit stops were filled with learning, growth, and development of new skills that remind me that nothing was wasted.

Whether it was starting three other small businesses, teaching middle schoolers, or providing creative and communications services to nonprofits, I looked for ways to push myself and have a greater impact on those I served. As a photographer and video storyteller, I was changed by the stories of hope, forgiveness, and strength I recorded.

No matter where I found myself along the path, I wanted to learn more, do more, and be better. I was never without a desire to do things differently and to innovate—to challenge the status quo. Each job and career change I sought were connected by common threads: helping others learn, grow, and understand themselves and the world. Each career also provided valuable experiences in breaking through my fear, self-doubt, and perfectionism.

When I decided to leave my last role as a Creative + Communications Director, I did so with the desire to take full responsibility for my own potential. I knew that I would be the only person who could limit my potential if I worked for myself. There would be no excuses. I wanted to face my perfectionism and my fear of criticism, and I wanted to step into a future of unlimited possibility.

Now, with one foot in coaching and the other in personality type, I’m on a mission to empower INFJ women to use their unique strengths and gifts to create a positive and lasting impact for themselves and the world. Not only am I experienced in the process of coaching (as defined by the ICF) and personality typologies, I’ve tipped over those buckets to mix the best elements from each to help my clients use the knowledge of who they are in reaching their goals.

My own journey of self-acceptance and stepping out of my comfort zone motivates me to help other INFJ women do the same—especially when it comes to making your vision a reality. I’ve faced fears, lack of confidence and self-worth, and unwavering perfectionism. I’ve been misunderstood, doubted, and rejected. But those things don’t define me, and they don’t define you, either! There’s a well of boldness inside you, just waiting for you to dip your toes in.

Leslie McDaniel