Bringing your INFJ intuitive insights to the surface

INFJ woman intuitive insights

To an INFJ, intuition is the primary way we interact with the world. Introverted Intuition (Ni) is our dominant cognitive function. All humans can be intuitive, but intuition is central to the way an INFJ's mind is wired. So how can you support your intuition? How can you create a supportive environment that allows intuitive insights to rise to the surface of your conscious awareness?

Bringing intuitive insights to the surface

Contrary to many articles related to our INFJ personality type, we're not all-knowing, all-seeing magical unicorns. (However, if that IS you—wonderful! 😉) This is not my experience, though, and it's not the experience of my INFJ coaching clients. We can all struggle to feel connected to our intuition at times. There are a few things you can do to allow your intuitive insights to march forward into your consciousness. Let's take a look.

1. Plan, schedule, and follow-through on downtime.

This will look different depending on your stage of life, but it's critical to an INFJ. This "downtime" doesn't need to be a half-day retreat in the forest (although it can be). Start with small chunks of uninterrupted quiet time when you can be alone and let your mind wander. This time allows you to process and reflect on what's happening in your life. It gives your intuition space to breathe without additional input. You don't need an agenda for your downtime, but some of my coaching clients like to couple this time for reflection with a physical activity (which activates your Extraverted Sensing). This could be taking a walk or going for a swim. No matter when or how you do your downtime, be sure to schedule it. Then hold yourself to your commitment!

2. Remove the pressure to have an insight.

You know this already, right? Insights are not on-demand. So even if you plan, schedule, and follow-through on #1 in this list, insights are not guaranteed. The ongoing practice of giving your intuition space to breathe (through downtime) increases the likelihood of catching an insight. Pressuring yourself to uncover an intuitive insight creates frustration when they don't arrive. Release the expectation for an insight to arrive at a specific time. They may arrive when you least expect them!

3. Release the pressure for your insight to be right.

Your insights usually are correct, but not always. And that's ok! Approach them with curiosity and not judgment. Attaching a specific outcome to your insight may indicate that the source of your thought or idea is not your intuition. Intuitive insights are neutral. They're an immediate and deep understanding of something. Fear, worry, or anxiety are not attached to intuitive insights. In my experience, most insights usually come with an "OH. Of course." This is that INFJ "knowing" that is often misconstrued as a psychic ability. When you have this deep and confident knowing, release your expectation for it to be right. If your insight turns out to be wrong, simply be curious. Keep your mind open to new possibilities.

4. Regularly discuss your thoughts + ideas with someone.

Choose someone you trust. If you're not looking for advice or feedback, let them know that up front. Or, you might ask them to reflect back to you what they heard you say. This is a powerful tool I use with my coaching clients. I frequently hear my clients say something like, "Now that I hear myself say that..." or "When you reflect back to me what I just said..." Sharing with me helps them clarify what they really want or believe.

Also, using this tool (spoiler: it's a journal) along with sharing your thoughts and ideas with someone is a powerful combination. A journal helps you collect your random thoughts, ideas, and reflections and keeps your mind primed to notice patterns; sharing these with someone takes it one step further to help you hone your unique intuition. It's much more powerful (in my opinion). Speaking your ideas can help you "test" them in the world (hello, Extraverted Feeling). 

How do you create fertile soil to grow intuitive insights in your life? Which if these ideas seems most helpful to you? Comment below to share your thoughts with me.