6 things to make your INFJ vision a reality

If you have a vision for something you want to do in your life, but you aren’t sure why you’re not moving forward or how to move forward, this is for you! In this Facebook Live I share six things that create a strong foundation for making your vision a reality as an INFJ. These are things I’ve discovered in my own life and the lives of my INFJ coaching clients. I’ve noticed patterns in the things with which…

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Parenting as an INFJ + Parenting By Personality Type

Susan Storm from PsychologyJunkie.com joined me for a live chat to talk about parenting as an INFJ and parenting kids by their personality type. In this hour-long chat, we covered:

  • Why it’s so important to identify your child’s personality type

  • The age at which you can start to identify their type

  • Which personality preferences you can identify first

  • The preference that can be the hardest…

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